Enhancing Construction Site Safety ThroughAI-Powered Safety Risk Factor Recognition

You can use different individual or collective methods to keep workers safe on construction sites. Some of these recommendations are using personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, suitable boots, and protective gloves, which workers should use personally. Or, in another measure, a regular safety program can be prepared for the entire complex and avoid potential hazards such as falls or fire. For all these points, standards have been provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which is necessary with training. Familiarize their people with these standards. Finally, the most essential part is continuous monitoring and inspections of construction sites to ensure the safety of all people.
Accidents and fatalities in the construction industry have a very high rate due to high work pressure and time constraints, high costs, and dangerous work environments, along with heavy construction equipment and temporary structures. This has caused many investments in security management and accident reduction in construction sites.
A new study published in Sustainability has attempted to use computer vision technology, a subset of artificial intelligence, to reduce accidents at construction sites. In this study, the images in the web space were collected and labeled, and a fixed process to improve the prediction accuracy through changes is proposed. You can read more through link bellow.